BTC Exchange User Agreement

This is a contract between you as an individual (“You or “Your”) and (“BTC Exchange” or “Us” or “Our” or “We”) By signing up to use an account through BTC, or any associated websites, APIs, or mobile applications (collectively the “BTC Exchange Site”), you agree that you have read, understood, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, as well as our Privacy Policy.


How to contact us

This site is owned and operated by BTC You can contact us at any time. Please send us any questions, requests or general correspondence by contacting our support.

Our conditions of use

It should be noted that if you have registered or are using our site you have accepted our terms and conditions.

You are required to be at least 18 years old to trade or to open an account at

Any information that you provide must be true, accurate and correct.

BTC Exchange Reserves the right to change our terms and conditions without notice. The trader or user of the site has the responsibility to ensure that they have read and understand our terms and conditions before trading on our site!

BTC Exchange may collect information about you and your computer including but not limited to IP address,location information, operating system and browser type. We may also use cookies and sessions to further gather information about our clients for security reasons. Your session activities are tracked! Most actions performed on our site are logged for security reasons!

You may only act on your own behalf. Your account can not be used to act as an intermediary or broker for any person or entity.

You may only use your own account to trade at BTC Exchange and you may only use one user account at a time for trading. You are responsible for maintaining adequate security and control of any and all IDs, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), or any other codes that you use to access BTC You are not allowed to sell, borrow, share or otherwise make available your account or any detail necessary to access your account to people or entities other than yourself.

Your account must not contain misleading or fraudulent information, including, but not limited to having a non-personal phone number, creating fake reputation information for your account, faking your country of origin or providing fraudulent identification documents.

We may at any time require you to complete our ID verification process and may also require you to submit additional identification documents to BTC Exchange if we deem it necessary. Failing to complete ID verification will be considered a violation of this agreement.

BTC Exchange reserves the right to close, suspend, or limit your access to your account or to other Services we offer if fraudulent activities are suspected from you or anyone else. We may also use proprietary fraud and risk modelling when assessing the risk associated with your account. Once resolved in a manner deemed fit BTC Exchange Your account may once again be opened!

Trading on our site could result in financial gain or loss! Trading by means of buying or selling Crypto Coins cannot be reversed! BTC Exchange will not be liable for any loss whatsoever resulting in trading on our site.

Users are cautioned to take care when trading as an error could result in a loss and is irreversible!

Trade orders can only be cancelled before making a transfer or sending the bitcoin. Trade orders effected on the site are binding and cannot be cancelled or reversed.

Incoming payments to BTC Exchange must be done by means of electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account. The bank account must be opened in your own name.

Outgoing payments from BTC Exchange can only be done by means of electronic funds transfer (EFT) to your confirmed bank account. The bank account must be opened in your own name.

BTC Exchange does not accept cash payments. Cash deposits to our bank account may be delayed and will incur additional processing fees.

BTC Exchange does not guarantee Bitcoin or bank transfer clearance times and will not be liable for any delays.

Orders, deposits and withdrawals are subject to limits which may be changed over time.

This service is provided without warranty of any kind and BTC Exchange does not guarantee that the site will be available 100% of the time. You acknowledge and accept that the website may become unavailable from time to time due to various circumstances and that BTC Exchange will not be liable for any losses due to the system or service becoming unavailable.

BTC Exchange cannot and does not guarantee the value of Bitcoin and has no obligation to buy back Bitcoin at any time.

It is your responsibility to determine, account and pay for any taxes that apply to your trading and Bitcoin transactions.

The law of the republic of South Africa shall apply in the event of legal action.

You agree that you will not use our services, website or products for any illegal activities.

Privacy Policy

At BTC, we value your privacy and strive to protect your personal information. “Personal information” refers to any information from which your identity could reasonably be ascertained. BTC Exchange will only collect and use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the terms of your agreements with BTC

In order to enable us to deal with your inquiries, open and operate an account or to generally provide you with our products and services and comply with laws and regulations, we may need to and/or may be required to collect, record, hold, use, disclose and store (i.e. “process”) personal information and financial information about you, including but not limited to:

  • personal information to establish your identity and background;
  • personal information that you provide when you apply for any of our products and services.

How we collect personal information

We obtain personal information in various ways, including but not limited to:

  • when you register an account with BTC Exchange through our website;
  • through your relationship with us, for example information provided by you when using our products or services, when taking part in customer surveys, competitions and promotions;
  • from an analysis of the way you use and manage your account with us, from the transactions you make and from the payments which are made to/from your account;
  • when you contact BTC Exchange through various methods such as application forms, email, letters and telephone calls. If you contact us or we contact you using telephone, we may monitor or record the phone call for quality assurance, training and security purposes;
  • when we obtain any data and information from third parties (e.g. credit reference agencies, regulatory and enforcement agencies, identity verification services) and/or
  • from such other sources in respect of which you have given your consent to disclose information relating to you and/or where not otherwise restricted.

How we use your personal information

Other than as stated above, we may use your personal information for one or more of the following purposes:

  • to verify your account in accordance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations;
  • to assess your application for our products and services;
  • to manage and maintain your account with us;
  • to better manage our business and your relationship with us;
  • to improve our products and services and to develop new products and services;
  • to notify you about benefits and changes to the features of products and services;
  • to administer offers, competitions and promotions;
  • to respond to your enquiries and complaints and to generally resolve disputes;
  • to update, consolidate and improve the accuracy of our records;
  • to produce data, reports and statistics which have been anonymised or aggregated in a manner that does not identify you as an individual;
  • to conduct research for analytical purposes including but not limited to data mining and analysis of your transactions with us;
  • to meet the disclosure requirements of any law binding on BTC;
  • for audit, compliance and risk management purposes;
  • to assess financial and insurance risks;
  • to conduct anti-money laundering checks; for crime detection, prevention and prosecution; to comply with any sanction requirements;
  • for any other purpose that is required or permitted by any law, regulations, guidelines or relevant regulatory authorities.

Please be assured that we will ask for your consent before using your personal information for a purpose other than those set out in this Privacy Policy and in the terms in your agreements with BTC

Disclosure of personal information

As a part of providing you with our products and services, and for the management and operations of these products and services, and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, we may be required or need to disclose information about you and your account with us to the following third parties:

  • companies and organisations that act as our agents, affiliates and/or professional advisers;
  • companies and organisations that assist us in processing or otherwise fulfilling transactions that you have requested;
  • law enforcement, regulatory and governmental agencies;
  • your advisers (including but not limited to accountants, auditors, lawyers, financial advisers or other professional advisers) where authorised by you;
  • any other person notified by you as authorised to give instructions or to use the accounts, facilities, products or services on your behalf.

The aforementioned third parties may in some instances be located outside of your country.

We will otherwise treat your personal information as private and confidential and will not disclose your information to anyone outside BTC Exchange except:

  • where you have given permission;
  • where we are required or permitted to do so by law;
  • where required or authorised by any order of court, tribunal or authority, whether governmental or quasi-governmental with jurisdiction over BTC;
  • where we may transfer rights and obligations pursuant to our agreement with you;
  • where we are required to meet our obligations to any relevant regulatory authority (whether in or outside your country).

Security of your personal information

BTC Exchange places great importance on ensuring the security of your personal information. We regularly review and implement up-to-date technical and organisational security measures when processing your personal information. Employees of BTC Exchange are trained to handle the personal information securely and with utmost respect, failing which they may be subject to disciplinary action.

Additional matters relating to personal information

Retention of personal information

BTC Exchange will retain your personal information in compliance with this Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions of your agreements with BTC Exchange for the duration of your relationship with us, and afterwards for such period as may be necessary to protect the interests of BTC Exchange and its customers, and as required by BTC Exchange’s relevant policies, and as required by the law.

Incomplete personal information

Where indicated (for example in application forms or account opening forms), it is obligatory to provide your personal information to us to enable us to process your application for our products or services. Should you decline to provide such obligatory personal information, we may not be able to process your application/request or provide you with our products or services.

Your right to access and update your personal information

You have a right to access your personal information. Please contact customer support if you wish to have access to your personal information. BTC Exchange will take steps to verify your identity before fulfilling your request.

If there are any changes to your personal data or if you believe that the personal data we have about you is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up-to-date, please contact us so that we may take steps to update your personal data. BTC Exchange may use its discretion in allowing the corrections requested and/or may require further documentary evidence of the new information to avoid fraud and inaccuracy.

Revisions to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time. If there are any material changes, BTC Exchange will notify you (e.g. by email communication or posting a prominent notice).

Contacting BTC Exchange in relation to personal information

Should you have any query in relation to this Privacy Policy or how we handle your personal information, please submit a support ticket.