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BTC Exchange


The simplified way to buy and sell bitcoin


BTC Exchange is a global a peer to peer (P2P) bitcoin trading platform. We provide Users with a safe, secure, and simplified way to directly buy and sell bitcoin from each other, using over 300 payment methods and currencies.


Upon registration each User is provided with a Bitcoin wallet for receiving and sending bitcoins. Users can place adverts to buy or sell bitcoins as well as to view and respond to adverts from other Users. Both Buyer and Seller are automatically protected by the BTC Exchange escrow service. Escrow protects both buyer and seller by reserving bitcoins in escrow until the payment is received and the seller releases the bitcoins to the buyer. 


What sets us apart?


At BTC Exchange we give Users a fintech platform with some of the world’s best customer service, user interface experience, safety, and account security. The four pillars of BTC Exchange are customer centricity, high ethical standard, safety and security and simplicity.


Customer Centricity


At BTC Exchange, we put Users at the core of our values, and we are constantly searching for innovative ways to enrich User experience. Our friendly customer engagement team are committed and dedicated to providing Users with a top-of the-shelf professional customer service in real time.


High Ethical Standard


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard in line with our values to provide User safety. Any unethical behaviour including abusive language is prohibited. 


Safety and Security


User Safety and security is of top priority at BTC Exchange. Our services our built on our foundation to always provide the most safe, secure, and simplified way to buy and sell bitcoin. Bitcoin provides high levels of security if used correctly. It makes it possible to easily transfer value and puts Users in control of their finances. However, such great features also come with great security concerns. Just as a bank account, a bitcoin wallet must be secured, and we are continuously incorporating industry-leading security features to empower Users to adopt the best security practices.




We have combined technical expertise, relevant experience and academically based financial knowledge to seek and provide innovative and simplified services to Users.




Our mission is to simplify the use of blockchain technology and increase its adoption in ordinary day to day applications.


Business Information


The BTC Exchange website www.btcexchange.co.za and its subdomains are owned and operated by BTC COINS (Pvt) Ltd (the "Company"). BTC COINS (Registration Number: 2022 / 454717 / 07) is a private limited company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa.


Contact email: [email protected]